BMW 7 Series Performance Upgrades Part 2

BMW 7 SeriesIn the first part of this series we walked you through the front suspension of your BMW 7 Series. Now we move onto the rear. To start, you’ll need to be inside the car. The upper rear strut mounts are under the parcel shelf. The rear seat backs need to be removed, as well as the parcel shelf. This can be a challenge depending on how many options are on your car.

For instance, if you have a rear window blind it will require delicate handling to remove; applying too much force can damage it. If you have specific questions about options you have to deal with, give us a call. With access to the upper mounts, the rest of the rear strut and sway bar replacement is fairly routine. Special procedures will apply if the car has electronic ride control. The rear sway bar is very easy to remove compared to the front. Just disconnect it at the connecting links and remove the bushing retainers.

Now we are going to move on to brake upgrades. BMWs have excellent standard braking capabilities from the start. But as horsepower, handling and higher speeds are expected with other performance upgrades, the brakes may need some additional help.

Replacement brake parts are many and varied. They come in different sizes with different operational characteristics. There is an assortment of rotors and pads for basic upgrades. Multi-piston calipers are also available. Brakes really can’t be too big, but matching brake upgrades to the expected use of the car and exceeding those intentions by a slight amount can be a wise decision. More important is balance and proper installation, as safety is of the utmost concern.

Cross-drilled rotors are very popular right now because they are used on racecars. You should know, however, that they tend to produce more noise than other styles, but they do help with braking performance, especially in competition and mountain driving where heat is a concern.

If you’re a competitive driver or often drive at high speeds, replacing the rubber brake hoses with stainless steel is a smart move. We also encourage more frequent fluid changes, as additional heat can promote faster moisture absorption. This is not necessary for everyday drivers, however.

That is all for part 2. In the next article we’ll dive into the exhaust system. If you have any questions about your BMW or are looking for a BMW mechanic in Toronto, call Bimmex today.

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