BMW Blows Only Cold Air: What to Do Next

cold airHere’s the situation: you wake up, turn up the heat in your Toronto home, and then head out to start the BMW sitting in your garage (or driveway). Maybe you have a remote car starter so you don’t even have to leave the house. You get ready for work and about ten minutes later you’re opening the car door and slipping inside.

It’s still cold. No, in fact it’s downright freezing. You shudder and check the settings. The heat’s on, the fan is blowing air, but it’s about ½ a degree above zero. You check the temperature gauge on the dashboard and see that the needle is positioned where it should be: slightly north of the ‘C’ representing ‘Cold.’

By now the car should have been toasty warm but now you have to deal with it, keep your warm gloves, scarf, and hat on all the way to work to avoid getting sick. When you finally get out of work and head home, it’s the same story.

That’s when you need to bring it in to an authorized BMW repair facility for proper diagnosis.

There could be any number of potential problems with the heat in your car at this time. It could be related to a coil, the blower, or even the thermostat. Many of the components in modern vehicles are all computer controlled, which means it might be a simple problem with the on board computer system, but more often than not this particular problem is usually related to a mechanical failure.

How difficult is it to repair a heater problem in a BMW?

It’s usually not supremely difficult, but it may take some time. The technician might have to pull apart the dashboard in order to gain access to the blower, controls, or other components and that does require some time.

An experienced auto repair facility like Bimmex will usually be able to provide an accurate estimate regarding how long the repair should take and get you back on the road, in comfort, this winter. Don’t suffer in frozen silence. Stay warm and safe throughout the entire season.

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