BMW ConnectedDrive Wins Safety Award

BMW ConnectedDriveAt the recent 2013 Telematics Update Awards in Detroit this summer BMW was honoured with Best Safety & Security Solution for BMW Assist. The award is given in recognition of groundbreaking safety technology, BMW won due to solutions like eCall, Automatic Collision Notification, and Teleservice.

On the heels of this win BMW announced that these features (collectively under BMW ConnectedDrive) will be a part of the standard equipment package on almost all 2014 BMWs. This is a huge development for BMW lovers! It means more drivers will get to enjoy not only driving their Bimmers but also experience the safety and security this top of the line tech creates.

Not only will BMW Assist be standard, it will also include ten years of eCall emergency calling with enhanced Automatic Collision Notification and a further bonus of BMWs Teleservice as well. Enhanced Automatic Collision Notification is included with BMW Assist eCall. This service includes the superior “Urgency Algorithm”, which is able to make a complex analysis of the collision using data collected by sensors in the vehicle, including the vehicle’s direction of travel, its exact position, and information about the vehicle model.

The data collected by the algorithm is sent to a call center. The call center also receives data regarding the deployment of the vehicle’s restraint system, which indicates the possible number of injured passengers. The data is so intricate that it can discern between collisions to different parts of the vehicle and even determine if multiple collisions occurred.

All this information combined helps the call center determine what type and how many emergency vehicles to send to the scene. It also provides first responders with the ability to provide information about the collision and the people involved to medical providers before the first responders even arrive. The call center remains in contact with passengers in the vehicle until help arrives.

Another part of the telematics evaluation that chose BMW as the winner is the Intelligent Maintenance Reminders. The system constantly monitors your vehicle and alerts you when service is necessary. This makes upkeep far easier and will save owners a lot of money. TeleService informs you exactly when your vehicle needs to be serviced, so you can give your vehicle exactly what it needs instead of relying on the approximations in your manual.

Add all this together and you’ve got an incredible system that keeps you safe, calls emergency services when needed, and saves you money. It’s no wonder BMW took the top slot at Telematics this year.

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