BMW Coolant System Additives

BMW Coolant SystemThere are a lot of myths regarding the automotive industry and many people are skeptical about coolant system additives for that very reason. Coolant system additives are actually quite beneficial. Many newer coolants use chemicals that aid the process and increase the heat flow around components of your cooling system.  As more and more automotive components are made out of aluminum, and radiators become smaller, the use of these additives becomes more advantageous.

Surfactant is the technical name for an aftermarket coolant system additive. The word means surface-active agent. These additives help with the reduction of air in the cooling system and also control the amount of foam within the system.

There are 3 main reasons why these aftermarket additives benefit your BMW. First, they reduce harmful bubbles and voids that are created when your BMW’s water pump is kicking out fluid at a rapid pace. This reduction in foaming helps give longer life to aluminum parts.

The transmission of heat from the coolant to the radiating surfaces within the radiator is improved with the use of these additives. These additives add an extra level of protection in case a component fails, which is a nice bit of insurance for your car’s internal systems.

Lastly, most antifreeze is designed to be cut by 50% water in the system. Very few cars properly maintain this level. These additives contain an inhibiting substance that helps prevent corrosion. Using aftermarket additives helps to minimize corrosion by keeping the pH levels in check, which is crucial for overall car health.

Ultimately, the addition of these additives is cheap and the minimal cost is worth the added benefits. Even if you maintain your car perfectly, the use of coolant additives can provide your car extra protection if there is a malfunction or problem.  BMWs are well known for having cooling system failures – keeping the odds on your side can prevent a costly head gasket replacement.

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