When BMW Diagnostic Services Are Needed

BMW inspectionDriving around a car that has no problems is comforting. Sometimes, though, there are going to be moments when you feel something is off, out of alignment, or an odd noise. There will be times with it’s necessary to bring your BMW in for diagnostic services.

Some of those times can be easily missed or overlooked until the service light illuminates on the dashboard. If you understand certain aspects of your car that might require service, it will be easier for you to know that you should bring your BMW into a qualified shop to have it checked out.

Odd Sounds from Under the Hood

From time to time, just about every vehicle will make interesting sounds. Some will be more prominent than others. If you’re hearing any type of whining or tink from under the hood of your car while driving or idling, you should have it checked out.

The cause could be very minor to more serious. From a clogged air filter to a broken valve or thrown rod. Don’t wait; make an appointment right away.

Drifting while Driving

When you’re accelerating or the faster you go, does your car seem to drift from one side of the road to the other? This could be due to improper wheel alignment. It may also be related to brake problems.

Anything that has to do with braking or steering should be dealt with immediately.

Groaning when You Turn

When you turn the wheel, do you hear a groaning noise coming from the car? It might be difficult to pinpoint exactly where on the car it’s coming from, but it might get louder the faster you’re driving.

This could be a problem with the wheel bearings. Avoid driving the vehicle if this noise is present. Get it to your service technician for a diagnostic service to ensure that you’re driving a safe vehicle.

High Pitched Squeals when Braking

This could be caused by dust or debris getting lodged in the brake pads, but more likely it’s the brake pads wearing down to the warning pin. This is a small piece of metal embedded in brake pads that will indicate they are getting close to worn out completely.

It’s time to have your brake pads changed.

If you hear a groaning noise when you apply the brakes, and if it gets louder the harder to press your brakes (at higher speeds), then you may be dealing with completely worn out pads and grinding metal on metal. It’s time to immediately get your BMW to the shop to have them replaced.

Any time your BMW makes an odd noise, it could be just about anything. Driving a car with problems can be dangerous, not only to you and your passengers but to others on the road as well. Bring it in for diagnostic service as soon as possible.


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