What to Do if Your BMW Electronic Key Fob Goes through the Wash

when your fob goes in the washLook, it happens. You’re busy, you can’t keep track of every little detail, and then “Oops,” your BMW’s key fob goes through the laundry. It has happened to almost every single person out there. Of course, maybe it happened to many of them when it was just a key with no electronic entry pad or something that could be destroyed by water.

Today’s key fobs can provide keyless entry into the vehicle, can create a panic alarm from the car, and engage the security system. Some will even allow you to start the car from the comfort of your home (remote car starters). They are much more powerful than at any other time in history.

The moment you begin looking for your keys, trying to find out whether you left them on the counter, in the kitchen, in a basket, your pants pocket … uh oh, you think. You pat your pockets just to make sure they aren’t in the ones you’re wearing, then you begin to think about the last time you saw that key fob. You have a habit of leaving them in your pocket and maybe you were in a hurry to get something done and totally forgot to take it out when you tossed those pants in the laundry.

You find a clean key fob in the dryer, clattering around in there, and you think the worst. Yes, odds are it has been completely destroyed. Water and electronics don’t mix, so you’ll likely need to order a new one.

An authorized BMW service center may be able to help you out in this situation. They may be qualified to program a new key fob for your specific BMW. In the meantime, if there is a physical key on it, you can still use this to gain access to your car.

Contact an authorized BMW service center, such as Bimmex and make an appointment. They will need your vehicle in order to program a new fob. They may have some in stock and it shouldn’t take too long, but they will need to verify your ID and ownership of the vehicle.

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