BMW Exhaust and Engine Upgrades

BMW MaintenanceUpgrading your exhaust system is something you need to do only for looks or if you’re looking for more growl out of your vehicle. The stock exhaust on your BMW is well designed with good-sized pipes, soft curves, and large converters. There is a lot of clearance for a new system because the car sits lower than the average car to begin with.

The aftermarket availability of engine modifications for the BMW line is extensive. There are cold air intake systems, upgrades for the ignition system and fuel system, and programming upgrades. There are far too many available items to go into in this article but a simple search will reveal all of your options.

A complete exhaust system consists of at least one muffler, one catalytic converter, the exhaust manifold, a resonator, and some sort of exhaust tip or turn down. The standard BMW cat back exhaust system -the area from the catalytic converter on back- is fairly restrictive. The OEM piping size is smaller than an aftermarket exhaust system and the individual exhaust pieces are designed to be more restrictive for emissions reasons.

There are different specifications for engine modifications in different provinces. Be sure to check the laws in your area before making costly modifications that won’t be legal in your province.

Upgrading your BMW can be a very rewarding process but it can quickly turn into a battle of compromises between the original design and new performance parts. As long as cars have been available, modifications and tinkering have been part of the story. Taking small steps in upgrades is preferable to making major changes that can’t be easily reversed.

You have nearly endless options with the many aftermarket suppliers that offer quality products for various upgrade levels. If you’re going to install aftermarket performance parts, do some research and make sure that the structural integrity, emissions, and safety of the vehicle are not going to be compromised. Remember that it’s your life that could be on the line if a component fails or the installation causes an accident.

Performance upgrades should only be installed after a full understanding of their power and impact on the functions of your car. If you are not comfortable with the installation of a certain component, then it’s time to seek help before you try to put the part on the car.

If you have questions or need a professional installer, call Bimmex. We conduct regular training classes for our licensed technicians to ensure that they are up to date with the latest information and specifications provided by the manufacturer.

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