Your BMW is an Investment, so Protect It Now

Counterfeit Tires, Cost Savings, and the Right Ones Make a World of DifferenceWhen you purchased your BMW, you might not have thought about it as an investment. Yet that is exactly what it is. Most cars and trucks on the road today are considered a liability. Yes, they may be considered an asset when calculating wealth, savings, or other financial considerations, but a liability is something that will generally diminish in value over time.

Not every car on the road is considered a liability. There are some classic automobiles, high performance machines, and others, like many BMWs, that can actually hold their value and even increase once they reach a certain age.

BMWs are some of the most highly valued and respected vehicles in the world. There’s a good reason for that; the engineering, design, and materials that go into building your BMW are second to none.

So how do you protect this particular investment?

You do that by following the manufacturer recommendations with regard to changing the oil, replacing coolant and antifreeze, checking and/or replacing the steering power steering fluid, and bringing your BMW into an authorized service center for the Inspection I and Inspection II services.

When you purchase a brand-new or certified used BMW from a dealer you will probably be given some type of free service for 20,000 km, six months, or some other reference of time or use. These free services might include oil changes, tune-ups, checkups, and more.

It seems like a great deal, but the main goal for these dealerships is to make money. How are they going to make money by giving you free oil changes and services? They bring you in with the belief you are saving money when in reality you aren’t. Those costs are generally included in the purchase price of your vehicle.

As for experience, there may be one or two auto service technicians who have solid experience working on cars, especially BMWs, but the rest will likely be new, just out of technical school, young individuals who haven’t gained the kind of experience your BMW deserves.

If you truly want to protect your investment with this vehicle, bring it to Bimmex. This company has some of the most highly trained and experienced BMW certified technicians.


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