Your BMW May Lose Value, but It’s Still an Investment and Here’s How to Protect It

your bmw may loose valueMost people know the moment you drive your brand new car off the dealership lot it has already lost value. Depending on the vehicle you own or have just purchased, it could lose several thousand dollars on that first turn out of the dealership lot. That’s true of any vehicle, including BMWs.

However, the difference with your BMW as opposed to any other type of car is that these should be thought of as his investments rather than expenses. Your BMW will likely hold a significant amount of its value through the years, far better than most other cars you see on the road today.

As with any investment you make, it’s important to protect it as long as possible.

The best way to do that is by changing the oil at the recommended intervals, checking and changing the air filter as necessary, having the spark plugs replaced as needed, and following up with Inspection I and Inspection II scheduled services.

It might be tempting to ignore the oil change for an extra several thousand kilometers, mostly because you’re using fully synthetic oil in your BMW. The problem with that is most people misunderstand what synthetic oil really is all about. It’s not some fake, manufactured material. It is oil and just like any other oil it will break down over time.

Not only that, though, it will collect certain debris from within your engine components. The dirtier it gets, the more it can impact the engine in a negative way, rather than protecting it.

If you try to push several thousand kilometers out of your oil beyond the recommended interval, you could actually cause damage to your engine that may not be experienced now but will come back to haunt you in the future.

That’s the same when it comes to brakes, brake pads, spark plugs, the air filter, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, filters, and every other component that makes your BMW one of the finest driving machines on the roads today. It’s an investment so make sure you protect it in the best way possible.

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