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Oil ChangeBMW has earned a spot as one of the world’s top automobile brands due to its pursuit of performance, style, and luxury. BMWs are status symbols, proudly driven by their owners. While your BMW is an impressive, precision machine when it rolls out of the factory, there are ways you can make it even better, and keep it running at peak performance.

When you first get your BMW, it will be well tuned from the factory but you can increase its power with the addition of high performance parts like cold air intakes, aftermarket exhausts, and ECU software tuning.

Cold Air Intakes

The intake system installed in your BMW at the factory is designed to lower noise and emissions. This constricts airflow and reduces output. You can install a cold air intake that will provide better airflow and performance. You can also look into scoops and ram intake housings that will maximize air flow into the factory BMW intake system to ensure proper power output and air flow.

ECU Software

The standard BMW ECU software is designed to meet manufacturing specifications and requirements including emissions. Tuning allows for customization of the factory software. You can boost output and maximize your car’s performance with these modifications. Some software can be tuned to specific modifications to take advantage of an upgraded cold air intake exhaust system.

Aftermarket Exhausts

Upgrading your exhaust system will improve sound and flow more than the factory system. There is a wide range of exhaust systems available, and they all offer different degrees of sound output and flow. The high-end models are ideal for BMW super enthusiasts.


For the ultimate performance boost, consider a supercharger kit. A supercharger system will produce maximum power output without compromising reliability or longevity. Some supercharger kits can reach a power output of 600RWHP. Using one of these is the premiere choice for the ultimate driving machine.
If you have questions about upgrading your BMW or you already have the parts but need installation, give Bimmex a call. We have two convenient locations in Ontario – Markham and Woodbridge.

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