BMW Remap Performance Engine Tuning

After tuning your engine, you want to make sure you’re getting all the torque, power, and economy the new upgrades can achieve. Bring your vehicle to Bimmex and we will remap your BMW’s ECU to achieve better performance and increased economy.

When everything is running perfectly in balance, BMWs are one of the best high-end vehicles on the road. We will help you create the perfect blend of performance and balance to give you the best ride. Bimmex technicians carry out each remap modification and no two BMW Engine remaps are the same. Your car will get our individual attention and care.

Our remaps allow for:

– Greater engine tolerance
– Full custom tuning
– Safety settings to remain the same
– All remap software to be validated on the ECU so it matches original code
– Latest factory updates to be installed.

We will also provide recommendations to highlight potential opportunities you may have missed. Working with a professional to tune your BMW is the best way to take it from great to exceptional.

Who Should Remap?

You should get a remap if you have added any performance parts to your engine. If you have a turbo model BMW, then you will see massive power gains from a professional remapping.

Generally, you want to service your car more frequently after you have had a remap – fine-tuning means more care. You will also need to limit yourself to premium fuel if you don’t do this already. You also need to remember that with power gains come more wear and tear on your engine components. You will likely need to replace parts more frequently down the road.

Be prepared to replace items like the airflow sensors. If you have a turbo, know that it can wear out more quickly. It a good idea to pay close attention to major parts like pistons and bearings. Also pay attention to your clutch, as it may need to be replaced sooner than average.

If you work with Bimmex for your engine tuning and remapping we will make sure your car is in tiptop shape. We will recommend the proper service intervals and warn you ahead of time about any components that might need to be replaced. We love BMWs and want to help you get the most out of yours.

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