BMW Service Light Reset

imagesCA1UNEZIBMWs have a service indicator light that pops on to remind drivers to follow their maintenance schedule. If you always take your vehicle to the dealership for scheduled maintenance, this is a great tool.

The dealership will reset the light after the maintenance is complete. They incorporated this feature to maintain customer loyalty for routine maintenance like oil changes and other small procedures.

If you prefer to do your own oil changes and maintenance, then this light can be irritating because BMW provides no way to reset it without taking your car to the dealership or an authorized BMW repair shop. You buy a tool to do the reset (this is the easiest way) or do it manually through a series of steps. Below we’ll go through both procedures so you can reset the light yourself.

With Tool:

Locate the diagnostic port on your vehicle. The location of the port varies depending on the year and model of your car. Check your manual to find it if you don’t already know where it is.

Once you have located the port, turn on your ignition without starting the car. The service lights should turn on. Plug your reset tool into the port and the yellow ready light should turn on. Press and hold the switch on the tool and the red reset light should start to flash. For the oil service light, count seven flashes then release the switch. For the inspection light, count twenty-three flashes. The light should turn off when you release the switch. Put the cover back on the port and you’re done.


Sit in your driver’s seat, close the door and buckle your seat belt. Then hold down the odometer reset button using your left hand. With your right hand, turn the ignition to the accessory position (do not start the car). Keep the odometer button depressed until the indicator light begins to flash and the word Reset appears. Release the odometer button and then press and hold it again. Release it again and five green lights should come on indicating that the system has been reset.

That’s it! It’s not a difficult procedure even when done manually. Just be sure to count starting with the first flash. If you miscount or release the button too soon, don’t worry; simply start again.

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