Is That BMW Service Schedule Really All That Important?

You’ve heard about the Inspection I and Inspection II service. For your BMW, maybe you purchased it brand-new or certified used. Maybe you bought it from a private individual recently and it didn’t have many kilometers under the wheels just yet.

You know it’s time to bring it in for one of those inspections or another servicing, but you’re just not sure if it’s really all that important. After all, your BMW is running like a champ. It operates smooth, you have no issues starting it up, and you couldn’t be happier with its performance.

So, is it okay to skip a regular inspection or service?

A lot of people do. A lot of people might see the service indicator light or check engine light on their car illuminate, they don’t think much about it if the car is running fine. They assume it’s just precautionary, another way for a service center or the manufacturer to make money. They just don’t take those things very seriously.

A BMW Inspection is designed to help ensure that your vehicle will operate properly, at peak performance levels, for as long as possible. It’s also intended to ensure safety for you and anyone else riding in the vehicle with you.

These inspections will look at brakes, tires, fluid levels, and a host of other factors. Yes, there could be manufacturer defects from time to time, and though they are rare, they can happen. However, most of the issues that can cause safety problems or performance issues are the result of debris in the road, poor driving habits, and other external factors.

Think about it like going to your doctor for a regular checkup. You may feel completely healthy, but you want to know that your arteries are clear, your heart is strong, your blood pressure is good, and there’s a low risk of having to deal with some type of medical emergency in the near future, right? Of course you do.

These regular service schedules and inspections offer the same peace of mind.

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