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imagesCA1UNEZIMaintenance and repair for your BMW can be tough because you only have a few options as far as where to go to get the work done. Your average mechanic may be able to handle minor repairs and general maintenance, but he won’t have the expertise required to completely care for your BMW.

Your BMW deserves a reliable, local specialist shop that takes pride in creating some of the most customized BMWs on the streets. A BMW specialist will have nearly any part conceivable available to you and the know-how to properly maintain your car.

A BMW service and repair specialist will have or be able to get the right parts for your vehicle. You can count on them being original parts, which is important for proper maintenance and your warranty. Some parts of the BMW, such as a new steering wheel, can be easily found on the market, but others, like certain transmissions, can be almost impossible to find.

It all depends on what model BMW you drive; but a specialist can provide the genuine part for you at a reasonable price. They also generally offer a guarantee on all parts and labor.

BMWs are high performance German cars, which is why they need specialists to work on them. Your average car is nowhere near as complicated so a general mechanic may be able to maintain it, but in-depth work requires experience and know-how.

Bimmex Europa Motors has two locations – one in Woodbridge and the other in Markham. We specialize in only BMW’s and Mini’s and we are fully accredited members of the Worldwide Association of Independent BMW and Mini Service providers.

Regularly servicing your BMW is very important. Ignoring oil changes, filter cleaning, tire checks, or any other minor service opens you up to major problems in the future. With access to all the manufacturer’s diagnostic, parts and merchandise, we look after you the way we ourselves would expect to be looked after. We can service your model without affecting the warranty.

BMW Servicing by a professional can help improve the drivability and safety of your car. Proper service by highly trained specialists can also save on fuel costs and contribute to protecting the environment as well.

Using an independent service center like Bimmex can offer you all the services you expect at the dealership but at a lower cost with more convenient hours. We do everything from MOT testing to wheel alignment to vehicle remapping. No matter what you need done to your BMW, whether it’s upgrading your engine, or any aspect of your car or routine maintenance and service, Bimmex has you covered.

Get detailed information BMW servicing costs at our website or call us to schedule an appointment.

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