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AC Schnitzer RimsLooking for new wheels for your BMW? There is a wide variety of alloy wheels you can buy for your baby. Depending on your wants in terms of look, quality, fitment, and price you should be able to find them online. Genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels are the same wheels that come on BMWs from the factory and are sure to have a great fit and stock look.

Genuine and OEM wheels tend to be the most expensive and can be bought from the BMW dealership. Beyond OEM and genuine, there are replica wheels which are aftermarket reproductions of OEM styles.

The same manufacturer does not make these replicas as the genuine wheels but often look the same (or very close) offering drivers the option of getting the style they want at a lower price. Popular replica versions include BMW M3 and M5 replica wheels. If you want a look that is different than the factory standard, you want to look at aftermarket wheels. BMW aftermarket wheels are a great way to get a unique and custom look for your BMW.

After you decide what type of wheels you’re interested in, you can get into specific options.
The first option is the color. Many BMW wheels come in brushed, chrome, painted, polished, or powder coated finishes to match both your style and your car’s color. Next, the type. BMW wheels can be either forged or cast. Forged BMW wheels are made from one piece of metal and are generally lighter and stronger than cast wheels because the weak points of seams and welds are avoided. Cast BMW wheels are generally heavier and not as strong as their forged counterparts but are usually less expensive.

Next, you need to decide on the size. BMW wheel sizes range from seventeen inches up to twenty-two inches. For larger vehicles, nineteen to twenty inches is the most popular. The eighteen inch is the most popular for the 3 Series cars. If you have questions about proper wheel size, talk to you vehicle service provider.
BMW wheels come in different sizes but also one, two, or three piece designs. One piece wheels tend to be the lightest and are designed for performance. Two and three piece designs can be repaired by the piece so repair is often cheaper than replacing an entire one piece wheel.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wheels, call Bimmex today. We’ll help you decide what type to get, order them for you, and install them hassle free. We have two convenient locations in Markham and Woodbridge Ontario.

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