Why Having Your BMW’s A/C System Inspected Is a Good Idea for Summer

Magnifying GlassIn your BMW, the AC system is pretty much a standard component, and whether or not you use it very much depends on your tolerance and delight of the heat and fresh air, when we finally get to enjoy it.

Even though your BMW is relatively new and you don’t use the air-conditioning system often, it’s a good idea to bring it into an authorized service center to have the AC system checked and recharged, if needed.

A lot of things can happen during the winter months.

During the winter, few people ever turn on the air-conditioning system, even though it’s a good idea to run it for at least a few minutes once a week. That’s because nobody really wants to pump cold air throughout their car when the temperature is well below zero.

An idle air-conditioning system can lead to a loss of the charge, problems developing in the unit itself, including the clutch, and that can make it run inefficiently or even breakdown during the heat of summer.

The best reason to get your air conditioning system in your BMW inspected before the summer is for those days when the temperature gets so hot it is almost oppressive. If you’re stuck in traffic and your air-conditioning system stops working altogether, you could be in a potentially dangerous situation.

There’s no point in even risking that. Simply bring your BMW to Bimmex for a proper inspection. It won’t take long and when you get it back you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident that it’s ready for the summer driving season ahead.


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