Why Bother with Those ‘Recommended’ Maintenance Schedules?

IDRIVE VEH CHECKAs you put more and more kilometers on your BMW, fluids, including oil, begin to break down, other components become worn out, and that’s one of the primary reasons why it’s highly recommended to bring your vehicle into an authorized BMW service center at certain intervals.

When a car is brand new, it may take a while for various components to ‘break in.’ This break-in period is generally the first 2,000 km, and it’s highly recommended not to over accelerate, run it at high speeds, do hard starts and stops, and so on.

But why pay attention to those maintenance schedules?

Too many people have this idea that maintenance or inspection services are only recommended by the manufacturer to help service centers, especially dealership service centers, earn more money. That’s not the case.

Most of the time the Inspection I and Inspection II services, or a simple oil change and a quick look at the brakes, suspension, and other components, don’t find anything wrong or that needs to be repaired or replaced right then. However, they lay the foundation for proper monitoring moving forward.

For example, if the auto service technician notices the brake pads on the front seem to be worn out more quickly than they would on the average automobile, they can point that out to you, the owner of the vehicle, and make sure you keep an eye on it. It could have something to do with braking strategies, excessive stop and start driving, or a potential issue with the caliper not releasing properly.

When you stay on top of maintenance schedules for your BMW, it helps to reduce long-term costs of repairs and other maintenance issues. It’s best not to avoid these scheduled maintenance recommendations, but bring your BMW in to an authorized service center for proper inspections as noted.

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