The Do-It-Yourself Brake Repair Specialist: Why this Isn’t the Best Idea for Beemers

do it yourself brakesYou may be quite experienced at working on cars. Maybe you’re the type of person who grew up in Toronto and have been tinkering with old automobiles for years. It probably gives you a great deal of confidence in your abilities to change the oil, check the engine, change spark plugs, and do a lot more on almost any type of vehicle.

However, when it comes to BMWs, there are many components, especially computer related components, that complicate the work you may be doing. When it comes to the brakes, there could be sensors for the SRS system (Safety Restraint System) or even detectors to determine when the brake pads are getting low or some other issue is arising that can complicate the simple job of replacing the brake pads.

What could happen when you change the brake pads yourself?

Years ago it was reasonable to bring brake rotors to a shop to have them ‘shaved’ down. This help to avoid warping and the familiar feeling of rattling when coming to a stop. Today, rotors are a bit different and not many of them can actually be shaved down any longer. Once they are worn to a certain point they need to be replaced. That may be require replacing the bearings and other components as well.

Just taking off the brake caliper could potentially lead to damage to certain sensitive components that are different in BMWs than for other cars.

The average individual simply might not realize they have done damage to certain components or didn’t do something properly, which can affect the entire braking system on that BMW. This isn’t meant to scare someone into avoiding doing any work on their vehicles. It is simply to highlight the fact that BMWs are not exactly the same as most other vehicles on the road today.

BMWs require specific tools and components to ensure they perform the way they were designed. When you’re talking about braking, having your car operating the way it was built and meant to operate is essential to safety and security. Have an authorized BMW repair specialist work on your brake system.

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