Buying a New Alarm for Your BMW

BMWs generally have higher security requirements than your average vehicle. BMW has security features such as the Double Lock (also known as the Deadbolt), which can be either mechanical or electrical. This feature will lock the doors in such a way that they cannot be opened even from the inside. Mechanical DL is found in older model BMWs, whereas the Electrical DL is found in newer BMWs.

Depending on the year of your BMW some models also have Drive Away Protection, EWS, EWS II, and EWS III (of which there are multiple variations). The purpose of the DAP and the EWS systems are used to reduce vehicle theft. The Double Lock is the key to the DAP and the EWS. Once the car is double locked, a signal is sent to the GM module. This signal is then sent from the GM module to the DME module to cancel the fuel and the spark functions to the engine, resulting in a No Start. When the vehicle doors are unlocked and using the proper key in the ignition, the engine will start. This prevents a would-be auto thief from driving away with it, no matter how they break in.

Installing a plug-in system is fairly easy and you can do it yourself. Most BMW’s manufactured from 1992 on are pre-wired for a security system. Usually, there is a sticker inside the trunk that indicates if your BMW is pre-wired for a security system. Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, the alarm port will be located in the following areas: behind the glove box, under the rear seat, or other location.

When installing your own plug-in alarm system, these are the steps you should expect to take:

– Start by removing the glove box. This can be tricky but should be spelled out in your owner’s manual.
Once that is complete, plug the harness into the alarm port as per the included manual.
– Drill one of the free tabs on your dashboard or center console to mount the LED. You can also use the existing LED if available.
– Plug in the LED and the sensors into the alarm box.
– Connect the siren under the hood using the pre-wired plug there. Or you can use the existing siren if available. Check to make sure all wires are intact and if the system is working properly. And finally re-install the glove box.

If you have any trouble installing your plug-in system or want a different type of system call Bimmex today. We’ll get you in and your new alarm system installed quickly and professionally.

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