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AC Schnitzer RimsIn Canada, people are required to have both summer and winter tires for their cars. It is common to have winter tires mounted on the original factory rims, which allows the owner to purchase custom rims for summer tires. While having custom rims is a good idea, they are not the best to use in the winter due to the amount of salt that covers the roadways. Plus, custom rims are more noticeable in the Spring and Summer months when everyone is enjoying the outdoors. Although it is possible to change just the tires between winter and summer seasons, having tires mounted on separate rims makes tire changing quicker and more efficient, prolonging the life of both your tires and rims.

BIMMEX offers BMW owners the option to customize their car with a set of rims through AC Schnitzer who specialises in European car accessories and parts. AC Schnitzer has been part of motor sport racing for four decades and has focused its fine racing tuning of BMWs both on the road and on the track. The sale of wheels by AC Schnitzer stands at 49% of the total parts and accessories, they are serious about the business of racing.

AC Schnitzer has been committed to improving vehicle technologies since the beginning. All parts and accessories are made to the highest standard and quality; that is German engineered and manufactured. Teaming with Willi Kohl, both Schnitzer and Kohl began AC Schnitzer dedicated to serving BMW owners in upgrading parts and accessories including custom rims. BIMMEX carries a full line of AC Schnitzer parts and accessories in partnership with the Claus Ettensberger Corporation.

Since 1987, AC Schnitzer has developed custom rims for 14 inch tires, known as the Type I and offer wheels up to 22 inches. Types II to IV are made of light alloy for racing wheels. Type V is lightweight forged wheels. AC Schnitzer offers rims for all models of BMWs. The type of rim depends on the wheel size for the model, plus a selection of forged alloy in silver or black, or bi-colour.

The specialists at BIMMEX will offer advice about fine tuning your BMW to ensure that you get the perfect rims for your car. From the 1-Series to the 7-Series and other BMW models, there are rims to match each customer’s car. Some of the options include rims larger than the factory originals to give the car a sportier and elegant look to compliment the wheel arches. After purchasing rims for your BMW, performance tires are recommended such as the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Ultra-High Performance summer tires. With a new set of rims, the original factory rims can be outfitted with winter tires so your car will be set for both seasons.

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