What Can an Auto Service Center’s Cleanliness Tell You About Their Quality?

A mechanic shop is supposed to be filthy, right? It’s supposed to have grease all over the place, file cabinets that haven’t been organized in years, bumper stickers, dried glue, and a host of other garbage floating all throughout the facility.

This is a common perception people have of an auto service center.

In reality, though, the better service centers are going to be neat, organized, and clean. Yes, it will certainly be difficult to keep up with regular cleanliness throughout the week, especially when so many projects are going on at the same time, but there’s really no excuse for letting the office or waiting area become a disaster zone.

What can this tell a potential customer?

In most cases how an auto service center is kept is not going to have any real bearing on the skills and experience of the technicians. Some of them could be master technicians and be exceptional at what they do. However, if a facility is dirty, isn’t very comfortable for the waiting area, and it appears as though the entire shop, including the garage base, have seen better days, it means it’s not as organized and attention to detail is something left to be desired.

When looking for an auto service center, whether it’s for your BMW or other vehicle you own, be diligent in your search. Don’t just assume because they advertise experience and quality that it’s true.

Some facilities will be careless. Some will try to fool their customers and claim they changed an oil filter, air filter, or other simple thing when in fact they didn’t.

When you see a facility that is clean, organized, and is comfortable to wait in, if you must, then that is certainly saying a lot about their dedication to customer service and support. That is going to go a long way toward providing the best support and service for any BMW or other vehicle that needs work.

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