You Can Choose Your Own BMW Repair Facility

Changin filters can save you moneyOne of the most common misconceptions that people have with regard to general maintenance, auto service, and repairs for their car is that they must return to their dealer’s service center. This is patently false.

In fact, you can bring your BMW or other vehicle to any certified and authorized service facility that you want for not only general repairs but also regular maintenance that would normally be covered under your new car’s warranty.

Below are a few things to consider when you decide to choose a different BMW auto service center for the work your car requires.

1. Make sure that the facility is certified. A certified repair facility means that it has proper accreditation to do certain types of work, whether it’s a brake specialty repair facility, emissions, or anything else. You can check on this information by simply asking the repair facility management.

2. Quality is most important. You don’t want to bring your BMW to a shop that has a poor reputation or that makes you have to come back time and time again just to get the job done right. Check their reviews to see what previous customers have to say about them.

3. Fair pricing. Just because your BMW is covered under warranty, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still ensure that the auto repair facility you choose charges fair market prices for not only labor but also parts.

4. Customer friendly. Your BMW is a precision machine and it deserves to have the proper care throughout its lifetime. That all begins with building the right relationship with the service technician and team who will be working on it.

Just because you can bring your BMW to any authorized repair facility for service doesn’t mean they are all going to treat you the same. Choose one that places the customer’s needs first and you will end up building a long-term relationship with them for your BMW’s service now and well into the future.

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