Can I Buy My BMW in the US & Bring It Home?

home-slide3A quick perusal of or eBay quickly reveals that it’s raining cheap BMW’s in the US. A wide choice and higher depreciation from a significantly lower retail price are the advantage of a large and competitive market.

Before you can register a vehicle in your province of residence, the Canadian government requires you to import the vehicle properly at the federal level. Nearly all US specification BMWs comply with most CMVSS standards. Most cars have speedometers graduated in km/h, and most have requisite air bags, bumpers, and side impact beams. Typically, just a few minor things must be modified in US spec BMW cars to meet CMVSS standards. Such items include daytime running lights and child seat restraint clips. In a few cases, like the 1995 BMW M3 and all 850 CSi cars, the suspension systems need to be modified to meet headlight height requirements.

Transport Canada recently instituted a directive that requires all 2008 model cars to be equipped with an approved immobilizer system. Although TC indicates that US cars can be modified to meet this standard, many manufacturers have told TC that their cars are unimportable to Canada. All 2008 model BMWs are importable to Canada from the US.

Canadians purchasing vehicles in the U.S. must go through a complex process to ensure that all appropriate taxes are paid and the cars meet Canadian pollution and safety standards. The process can be a bit confusing; you will hear different requirements from different people. If you’re thinking of importing a BMW from the US, call Bimmex first and we’ll walk you through the possible conversion requirements you’ll be required to go through.

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