BMW Brake Repairs

2013-09-25T18:53:51+00:00 September 25th, 2013|BMW|

Keeping up with brake maintenance and repairs is essential for not just our safety but for the safety of others on the road as well. These parts and repairs can be expensive when you own a BMW. Brake rotors for import cars, unlike domestics, are built with minimal thicknesses to reduce weight - meaning they [...]

BMWs New M4 Concept

2013-09-18T22:38:52+00:00 September 18th, 2013|BMW|

There has been a new preview of the M division M4 BMW Coupe in California. BMW unveiled the car recently in Pebble Beach. It is not yet in production but BMW says it is near ready. First we’ll see the M3 replacement that is currently slated for production in January and sale in North America [...]

BMW Brake Repairs

2013-08-30T01:06:06+00:00 August 30th, 2013|BMW|

Of course we all know keeping up with brake maintenance and repairs is essential for not just our safety but for others on the road as well. These repairs and parts can be expensive when you’re a BMW owner. Brake rotors for import cars, unlike domestics, are built with minimal thicknesses to save weight - [...]

Head Up Display & iDrive

2013-08-19T23:15:40+00:00 August 19th, 2013|BMW|

The BMW iDrive system is a high tech way to give drivers control over important vehicle functions without distracting them from the road. It allows you to control entertainment and navigation and provides important engine information. The system and its implementation were developed using the latest biometric studies and principles. The idea is that it [...]

BMW Air Conditioning Services

2013-08-13T22:56:09+00:00 August 13th, 2013|BMW|

You can run your car air conditioning all year both to keep your interior comfortable for you and any passengers and also to filter out dust and airborne debris while also minimizing condensation. Continuous use actually helps to keep your air conditioning working more efficiently, but it should be maintained periodically as with any other [...]

Why You Need To Wash Your Car

2013-08-13T00:14:10+00:00 August 13th, 2013|BMW|

Washing your car is one of the most basic maintenance tasks you need to perform. Doing this includes washing the exterior of your car and also reconditioning and protecting your paint, chrome, and interior. A simple washing with water is what is most commonly called for. Most of the time your car won’t be very [...]

Basic BMW Diagnosis & Repair Tips

2013-08-05T19:14:32+00:00 August 5th, 2013|BMW|

As a BMW owner you understand the performance, power, and sheer joy of driving a bimmer. You know that just like all cars your BMW needs maintenance, tune-ups, and occasional repairs. Whether you do any repairs yourself or not, it’s good to understand what needs to be done so you can be more informed when [...]

BMW Belt Replacement How To

2013-07-17T00:42:06+00:00 July 17th, 2013|BMW|

One of the routine maintenance items that you should perform on your BMW is the checking and replacement of your accessory drive belts. The belts are driven off of the crankshaft and power accessories such as the water pump, power steering pump, alternator and air conditioning compressor. There are typically two belts on the car [...]

Check Engine Light Issues

2013-07-12T19:23:27+00:00 July 12th, 2013|BMW|

There is a fairly common problem with the check engine light on many BMW models. Sometimes it comes on for a good reason but other times there seems to be nothing wrong. Here is some quick information to help you determine whether you need to bring it in for maintenance. The check engine light comes [...]

How To Tell You Need New Tires

2013-07-08T22:40:30+00:00 July 8th, 2013|BMW|

Just because there's a little tread left on your car tires doesn't mean it's safe to keep driving on them. Tires get old and worn down. And because a tire failure while you're driving can be catastrophic, causing your car to go out of control or leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere without [...]

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