When Should You Change to Winter Tires on Your BMW?

bmw winter tiresSummer may be a distant memory now and your thinking about getting ready for the winter driving season for your BMW. One of the most important things that any BMW owner will do in autumn is installing winter tires on their vehicle.

Winter tires are designed specifically to gain better traction during snowy and icy conditions. While there is little that anyone can do on a sheet of ice, the better tread that you have on your tires will mean more opportunity for you to be safe while out driving on the trial roads this winter.

When you change the tires will depend on a couple of factors. For the most part, changing over to winter tires should be done no later than November. However, as is the case in Toronto and all throughout the Province of Ontario, winter can arrive much earlier than that. Pay attention to forecasts and the potential for significant snowfall in October and early November.

If there is no cause for major concern about winter driving during this period of time, then focus on having your winter tires installed on your BMW by the middle of November. This will ensure that you don’t wear out those tires on dry pavement prematurely.

Warm temperatures and hot road conditions can reduce tread and wear down tires quicker than colder temperatures. If you install your winter tires too soon, it can wear down the tread and cause you to have less control on those snowy roads when it finally begins to fall.

If you would prefer to have your winter tires installed now, bring your car to an authorized BMW service center to change out your tires. If you need winter tires, make sure that you choose a brand that has a strong reputation for maximizing control while driving in snowy conditions.

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