Changing Your Filters (Air and Fuel) Can Save Money Over Time

Changin filters can save you moneyThe air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter in your BMW serve very important functions. They clean the substance that moves through them. For example, the air filter cleans the air that moves in through the engine, the oil filter cleans the oil, and so on.

Ignoring these filters can cause a significant amount of damage to your car over time. It’s not something that you’re likely to notice when your car is relatively new or has low mileage, but not changing the filters at the proper intervals will lead to damage over time.

How often should you change the filters in your BMW?

That depends on a number of factors. First, living in Toronto means that you will have to contend with city driving conditions. Stop and go driving will impact your air filter more quickly, requiring you to change it more frequently. If you live in a country environment or drive on dirt roads frequently, then you may need to change the filter more frequently as well.

In short, the dirtier the air is, the more often you should be cleaning your air filter. On average, it’s best to get in the habit of checking the air filter every time you change the oil. You should make sure to change the filter no less frequently than every 32,000 kilometers.

The oil filter should be changed at every single oil change. Most facilities that change oil will do this automatically, but if you bring your car to a quick lube center, make sure to inspect the oil filter after you get your car back so that you can be sure that they did, in fact, change the filter.

The fuel filter should be changed every 40,000 kilometers on average. If you have a tendency to purchase cheaper fuel to save money, then the filter may become clogged and dirty more quickly.

If you avoid changing filters to try and save time and money now, it can lead to some hefty repair bills later on. Keep your BMW running great with the right filters changed on a consistent basis.

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