Changing the Oil Weight for Your BMW in the Spring

oil-changeIt’s time to change the oil in your BMW. It’s a good idea to keep track of how many kilometers you put on your vehicle and don’t let it go beyond 8,000 km before you change the oil. It’s also important to change the oil at every season, even if you haven’t put on that many kilometers since your last oil change.

Maybe you had the oil changed in the middle of winter.

It might have been in January or the beginning of February. There’s no reason you’re going to need to change the oil again, is there? It wouldn’t be the worst idea.

In fact, when you head out of winter and into spring, the temperature is going to change. While you may not need to change the oil just yet, sometime during April would be a good time to replace it, no matter how many kilometers you’ve put on your BMW since the last change.

That’s because you can change the oil weight.

During winter, many auto service technicians recommend a lighter weight oil that can help protect your engine during colder days and nights. This lighter weight oil moves through the engine more fluidly, especially at colder temperatures.

In the spring, though, a heavier oil may help to provide more protection for your BMW, especially if it is a high-performance engine.

Also consider fully synthetic oil.

If you already use fully synthetic oil, that’s great. If not, it’s time to consider using this. Yes, it can cost more at the moment, but it does a lot better at protecting your engine’s vital components.

This spring, make sure you do everything you can to protect your BMW, including changing the oil, even if you had just replaced it in January or February. Winter can be tough on vehicles and you want to give your BMW a fresh start for the spring and summer driving season ahead.


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