Changing Spark Plugs at the Right Intervals Matters for the Health and Power of BMWs

Changing spark plugs at the right intervalsMost auto manufacturers recommend that you change the spark plugs or have them replaced every 160,000 kilometers. Most experienced technicians recommend that they be replaced between 80,000 km and 120,000 km.

While there is a significant discrepancy between what the manufacturer recommends and what experienced auto service technicians suggest, the most important aspect is that the spark plugs on your BMW get changed at least at the bare minimum interval.

In reality, it is going to depend on a number of factors regarding when and how often you should have your spark plugs replaced. If you have a tendency to drive hard, meaning that you accelerate hard and do a lot of stop and go driving in the heart of Toronto or another city, then you may want to consider having your spark plugs changed more frequently than what is recommended.

If you do a lot of casual highway driving with your BMW, it might not be necessary to replace the spark plugs as often as experienced technicians recommend.

The best way to determine when you should have your spark plugs changed is to have them inspected when your BMW reaches the 80,000 km milestone. If you have experience working on vehicles, you may feel that you can take the spark plugs out and check them. However, if you don’t have a tremendous amount of experience with old, worn out spark plugs, you may not know what to look for.

There will be some telltale signs of wear and tear on the spark plug. The ceramic insulator could be cracking and if pieces begin to break off, they are going to slip down into the cylinder and that can cause damage to the cylinder or other components inside the engine.

If a spark plug appears to be old and wearing down, it is best to replace them at that point in time, regardless of how many kilometers are registered on the vehicle.

If you have questions or concerns about your spark plugs in your BMW, contact Bimmex today.

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