Check the Coolant Levels in Your BMW Regularly

idrive1As we step into the dog days of summer, you should have had your BMW thoroughly checked by a certified technician to ensure that everything is operating perfectly on it. When the heat is on, it places more pressure on some sensitive components in the engine and that can lead to performance problems.

It can also lead to some potentially significant maintenance expenses in the future. Even though you have had your BMW in for regular maintenance, including the Inspection I and II, that doesn’t mean you can just ignore it the rest of the time.

Check your coolant levels on a regular basis during the summer. Even though the technicians would have inspected the levels, and even though they found that they were fine, there are several reasons why that could change within a matter of days or weeks.

One of the most significant risks to your coolant system happens to be road debris. Every time that you drive over rocks, that crushed beer or soda can in the middle of the road, or even nails, the force of the tires rolling over those objects will fling them up into the air. Even the car or truck in front of you on the highway could cause objects to bounce along the roadway ahead of you.

If one of those objects makes contact with the radiator or coolant host in just the right way, that could lead to a puncture, causing you to leak coolant while you’re driving.

You won’t know it and you might not be aware that you’re losing fluid for a long time, until a service indicator light comes on, but it could still be causing the engine to run hotter than it should.

Hose clamps may also work loose, thanks in large part to the harsh winters that we enjoy here in Toronto.

Check under the hood of your car at least once a week. Inspect the coolant overflow reservoir and make note of how much coolant is in the system. It should remain consistent throughout the summer, so if you notice that some fluid is missing, then this is likely caused by a leak somewhere in the system.

When you notice a potential coolant leak, bring your BMW to an authorized service center immediately. They’ll be able to pinpoint the problem, repair it, and refill your coolant levels to ensure a safe and thrilling summer driving season.

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