The ‘Check Engine’ Light Came On, then Went Off: Now What?

question1The check engine light in your BMW suddenly came on while you were driving home from work. You noticed it and looked at it with a sidelong glance. It was the first time you saw it. You looked at your odometer and saw there are not many kilometers on your vehicle. Before you could think much about it, it went off.

“That’s odd,” you said yourself out loud. You shrug your shoulders and went on with your commute home. By the time you got home you weren’t thinking about it anymore.

The next morning, you got outside, slipped into the driver seat of your BMW, started it up, and headed back to work without a problem. “It must’ve been a glitch,” you think.

Maybe, but odds are it wasn’t.

Today’s onboard computer systems on most vehicles keep a log of every issue the diagnostic system detects. Some of those issues are incredibly minor and are easily regulated and adjusted by the computer system itself. Other issues can occur once and then not reoccur for quite some time. As a problem continues, though, it will likely occur more frequently.

When that onboard computer diagnostic system reaches a certain ‘tipping point,’ it may trigger the check engine light to go on. So what would cause it to go back off?

If the issue that caused the check engine light to go on is corrected, such as the fuel to air ratio suddenly being corrected to manufacturer specifications, then it might go off.

Don’t ignore this.

Bring your BMW into an authorized service center as soon as possible. The experienced technician will be able to plug in a computer device directly into your BMW and determine what warning code triggered the check engine light to go on. They will be able to tell you exactly what happened and why.

They may advise you to have the problem addressed and repaired as soon as possible or give you the ‘all clear,’ that there’s nothing to worry about. If something needs to be fixed now, it’s a far more cost-effective option than waiting.

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