Check Your Fluid Levels Regularly to Protect Your Beemer

When was the last time the fluid levels in your BMW had been checked? Most people don’t really remember. They might have one of those stickers on the upper left corner of their windshield stating the next date or number of kilometers in which they should have an oil change, but there are many different types of fluids in a vehicle.

You have your oil, brake, coolant, power steering, etc.

All of these are crucial to not just protecting vital components, but also ensuring that the systems that rely upon them are operating efficiently and properly. For example, if the brake fluid level is low, it’s going to lead to sluggish brakes. It can also lead to an increased risk of not being able to stop in time and getting involved in an accident.

If the coolant level in your vehicle is low, it could lead to engine failure.

The coolant or antifreeze is vital to helping protect crucial components in the engine. If your coolant level is low, you will probably see a warning indicator light on the dashboard illuminate. If it is ignored for long enough and the engine gets too hot, it can cause the entire engine to seize. That can completely destroy the engine and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair.

Your oil is another vital component for proper engine function. When the oil gets old, it doesn’t offer the same protection. If you could truly understand just how fast pistons are popping up and down inside the cylinders and the valves opening and closing to help allow fuel in and to fire it with the spark plug, you would realize how much friction is being generated.

If you don’t change the oil, if you don’t use proper oil, it is going to result in poor performance and potential damage to your engine over time.

If you don’t know how to properly check or replace fluids in your vehicle, bring it to an authorized BMW service center like Bimmex.

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