Check the Taillights on Your BMW Regularly

7 series 2It’s not just a BMW thing; it could happen to any car owner throughout Toronto, Ontario, and even all of Canada.

This could cause a serious accident, especially if you slam on the brakes because of an emergency ahead of you. The driver behind you will have a delayed reaction because your taillights don’t indicate you’re coming to a stop or slowing down quickly. That second or two delay in reaction could lead to a serious accident where you get hit from behind.

Just because there’s no dashboard warning light letting you know the lights are out doesn’t mean they’re all working properly.

Observe While You Drive

The next time you’re out driving around, especially during the evening hours when they’re easier to see, pay attention to how many taillights, brake lights, and even turn signals are simply not working.

It can be a very eye opening experience, to be honest. Each one of those cars that don’t have working taillights are actually increasing the risk factor for almost everyone else on the road at the same time.

Develop a Good Habit

That’s why it’s a good habit to get into to check those taillights on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter whether your BMW is brand new, if you’ve owned it for years, or just purchased it as a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Here’s how you can check that your lights are working…

When you start your car to warm it up, turn the lights on and visually check to make sure they are all working properly, including the running lights in back. Inspect the turn signals one at a time and then check the brakes. It might be difficult to determine this, but if you’re backed up close to a wall of some kind, look for the reflection of those lights as they illuminate. It should be able to give you a clue whether they are all working.

If that’s not possible, have a friend, colleague, coworker, or even a stranger at the local supermarket spot check them before you drive away.

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