Check that Tire Pressure on Your BMW Heading into Fall

Check the Tire Pressure on Your Beemer, Especially when Temperatures ChangeHeading into the autumn months ahead, you may not be looking forward to this particular season. Summer is a great time of year when people get out and enjoy the gorgeous sunset, sunshine, great weather, and beautiful scenery.

Driving around in a BMW helps to make summer even more enjoyable. However, the season must end and when you’re staring autumn and then winter in the face, it’s a good idea to pay attention the tire pressure.

You may want to consider increasing tire pressure.

As the air temperature drops, on average, it’s going to change how the tires adhere to the road surface. During the summer you may have decreased the tire pressure slightly to boost traction, but when it begins to cool off, and the road surface cools off, you want to increase tire pressure once again.

The fluctuating temperatures that are common throughout the fall as we move into winter can also affect tire pressure. It can cause your perfect tire pressure to decrease over time when it is extremely warm and then quite cold from one day to the next.

It’s a good idea to have an accurate tire gauge with you at all times. You should check the tire pressure in your BMW tires at least once a week. If you notice one tire is beginning to deflate more frequently than the others, there may be a leak, either from a hole or the seal has come loose around the rim.

If that’s the case, bring your BMW to a certified auto technician have the tires thoroughly checked. It may require re-sealing the tire on the rim. It’s better to do this than to continue driving toward winter with potentially bad tires on your BMW.


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