You Checked the Oil in Your BMW and It’s Milky Brown

check your oil level in carYou have developed a good habit; you check the oil in your BMW on a regular basis. This should be done by every single car owner on Toronto’s roads, but unfortunately it is not taken that seriously by far too many people.

However, when you checked the oil, when you drew out the dipstick, you noticed that the engine oil seemed to have a milky brown quality to it. You have some experience with changing the oil in previous cars you owned and know what it should look like. You know what brand new, fresh oil looks like as well as oil that has been running through the engine for at least 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers.

There could be several reasons why the oil appears this way and each of them are very serious problems.

Engine coolant in the oil.

This is usually an indication that engine coolant is getting into the oil. That is what is causing the milky texture to the oil. There are several potential causes of this problem, including a blown head gasket or some other type of gasket in the engine compartment, the transmission cooler that has failed, or cracks along the casings.

Any one of these problems needs to be addressed and repaired immediately. While you can certainly continue to add coolant to your radiator to keep it from overheating, that is not going to address the problem within the engine. Once the engine oil is compromised, it is not going to be protecting the cylinders or any of the components like it should.

What happens if you fail to bring your BMW into it and authorized service repair center?

If you ignore the situation, you could end up completely destroying the engine. At the moment, considering that your BMW is still running, it is early enough to have a qualified and professional technician figure out where the coolant is getting into the engine and fix the problem.

A minor expense right now can save you a significant amount of money in the future.

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