Checking the Lights on Your BMW Regularly Improves Safety

7 series 1How often do you check the lights on your vehicle? Many people have a tendency to overlook this important safety issue. You may just assume that because you can see down the road at night everything is fine.

But what about the taillights, the turn signals, and the brake lights? If any of those lights are not working properly, it could put you and others on the road at risk.

Develop a good habit.

It’s a good idea to develop the habit of checking your lights on your BMW on a regular basis. You can do this by yourself in some situations, but you may rely on another person, especially for those taillights.

If you pull up into a garage, make sure you shut off the engine before checking your lights; you don’t want to become asphyxiated. Check the headlights against the wall. If you don’t have a garage, pull up close enough to a wall or other structure so you can see the reflection of the lights.

You should see both headlights clearly visible. Next, turn off the headlights and turn on the turn signals. Check to see that the turn signals in the front of your vehicle are both working by following the same pattern.

If you don’t have anyone who can help you check the rear tail lights and turn signals, turn the vehicle around so those lights now face the wall or barrier. Turn on the lights and check the reflection and make sure you see the familiar red glow reflecting off the wall.

Next, apply the brake. You should see all lights illuminating stronger than when they are just driving lights. Then check the turn signal and finally put the vehicle in reverse while keeping your foot firmly on the brake. You should see the backup lights illuminate.

The last thing you want to check is the license plate light. Turn the lights on in your BMW, make sure the vehicle is in park with the emergency brake engaged, get out and walk around the vehicle checking for any issues with other lights. This will make sure you are properly illuminated when out on the Toronto roads this coming fall and winter. It’s a good idea to check these lights at least once a week.

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