Checking and Replacing the Wipers on Your BMW

bmw-wiper-bladesThere are a couple of ways you can go about checking the wipers on your BMW. First, by sound. When wipers begin making sound, even when it’s raining outside, like scraping across the glass, it’s time to consider replacing them.

Your wipers should be smooth and quiet when they are in good condition. Another way to check them is to visually inspect them. Does the rubber look faded, cracked, or dry? If it does, replace them.

Now, about replacing those wipers. In most cars, replacing wipers is actually quite simple, but you may be better suited to bring your car to Bimmex and have an authorized service technician assist you with that.

You can watch and learn so you might be able to do it yourself next time, but keep in mind that if they are installed improperly, they could come apart or fly off while you’re on the road.

When you have new wipers, you’ll enjoy being much safer, especially during a summer rainstorm.

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