Checking Your Tires for Proper Winter Driving

Check the Tire Pressure on Your Beemer, Especially when Temperatures ChangeAre the tires on your BMW or other vehicle properly inflated? If you don’t know or haven’t had them checked all winter long, it’s well past time you did it right now.

Proper tire pressure is essential for not just maximizing fuel efficiency, but also maintaining optimal traction during dry and wet conditions. In winter, especially around the Greater Toronto Area, we are dealing with a tremendous amount of snow, ice, and other winter precipitation. If your tires are not properly inflated, you might not be getting maximum safety or efficiency from them.

When to check the tire pressure.

It’s a good idea, a good habit, to check the tire pressure on all of your vehicles consistently. Once a week is ideal, but that may not be practical for most. It only takes a few minutes, at best, to simply check the tire pressure.

First, you should have a reliable and accurate tire pressure gauge on hand. You can pick these up from any auto parts store, but avoid the fancy ones with the great-looking designs and spring-loaded tiles. It’s best to use either a digital tire pressure gauge or one that uses a dipstick method in which the dial is pushed out from the bottom of the gauge.

These tend to be the most accurate, especially over the years.

As for when to check the tire pressure, do this when the tires are cold. When you do it after you’ve reached your destination, the air pressure inside will have increased due to the heat created by friction.

What should the tire pressure be?

Check the tire itself. You should have a recommended tire pressure printed on the exterior portion of your tire. If you can’t find it, check with an authorized BMW service center and they can determine what the tire pressure should be set at.

Most tires are recommended to be inflated to 32 psi. During winter, though, it’s recommended that the tire pressure be at least 3 to 5 psi higher than the recommended inflation rate.

If you have any questions at all, contact an authorized BMW service technician to have them answered. It’s better to know what’s best than to drive around in a potentially unsafe situation.

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