Choosing the Right BMW Certified Mechanic

choosing-mechanicChoosing a health care provider for you and your family usually requires you to find someone with whom you’re comfortable, but you also have other needs. You want the doctor to be experienced, personable, and maybe even willing to explain everything in terms that you can understand.

A similar criteria should be used when you’re searching for the right BMW certified mechanic. Your BMW is your baby. You’ve made a significant investment in it and you want to ensure that the person working on it is the right technician.

When you’re looking for a new BMW certified mechanic, some of the things to look for include:

  • Experience
  • Personal service
  • Willingness to explain each service
  • Convenience
  • Cost


The more experienced that an auto technician is, the easier it will be for him to diagnose just about any issue. Your BMW isn’t like other vehicles, though, so you want to make sure that the technician working on your car will have experience with that exact make, model, and year of your Beemer.

Personal Service

Your BMW is a sense of pride. You chose this type of car because you demand excellence from everything around you. You also expect to be treated honestly, fairly, and with a personal touch.

The BMW certified mechanic that you choose should take the time to talk to you about the services that your car might need, and to ask questions about your habits or things you have noticed so that they get the full picture.

It’s not enough just to take a car in and work on it. The personal service BMW owners deserve should be exceptional.

Willingness to Explain Each Service

When your BMW needs service, whether it’s the Inspection I or II service or any repairs, the auto technician you choose should be able and willing to explain it to you in ways that you can understand.


You’re busy. Your schedule with work and family might be tough. You should be able to find a technician that will work around your schedule. This could include concierge service or loaner cars, or it could be the hours that they operate, allowing you to fit the service into your schedule.


Just because you own a BMW, that doesn’t mean you’re willing to throw your money away. The BMW certified mechanic should charge standard rates, or even competitive rates, so that you have some extra change in your pocket for the ride home.

When trying to find the best certified BMW mechanic, consider Bimmex.


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