Choosing the Right Fuel for Your BMW

what-fuel-BMWWhen you pull up to the gas pumps in Toronto, or anywhere in North America for that matter, you will be met with a few choices. We’re talking about the octane rating of fuel and while the mathematics used to determine various octane ratings may be confusing, not all cars or trucks will require the same type of fuel. When you’re talking about the right fuel for your BMW, it depends on a number of factors.

Performance is the Key

Octane rating for fuel was once a notoriously misunderstood aspect about owning a car in Canada. Not much has really changed in recent years, though. The only considerable difference is that due to the increasing cost of fuel, more BMW and other car owners are defaulting to choosing the lowest octane rating, which is generally 87, though you can also find 85 octane at some pumps.

Most auto manufacturers will require that their cars take in a fuel rated 87 octane, though there are still several BMWs that require 91 octane or even higher rated fuels. The higher performance engines, such as the sports models, will sometimes require a higher octane rating due to the combustion capabilities.

Older BMWs May Benefit from a Higher Octane

When an engine ages, buildup in the combustion chamber could slow down the timing of the combustion, which may require a higher rated fuel. Also, even though your BMW may have a recommendation of 87 octane fuel, depending on the way that you drive and other factors, it might not perform at its best using that fuel. It may benefit from a higher rated octane fuel.

Don’t Add Higher Octane Fuel Unless It’s Required

The default position for some BMW owners when they experience a loss in power or knocking in the engine is to increase the octane rating at the pump. There could be any number of reasons for poor performance, so it’s a good idea to have your BMW inspected by a certified repair specialist to ensure that there aren’t other issues causing the engine problems or poor performance.

If you add a higher octane fuel to your BMW that doesn’t need it, you’re not only going to waste money, but you could also cause more combustion problems in the future as a result.

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