Common Misconceptions about using a Dealership Service Center

choosing which reapirThe moment you signed the contract to purchase your brand new BMW, you couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel, start the engine up, and get out on the road. Pulling out of the dealership lot, you might have been on the edge of your seat worried about every little situation.

You probably drove safer during those first few miles than you have in years. You kept checking your mirror to make sure nobody was tailgating you, watching every intersection for the individual who might not be paying attention and running a light. After a few miles, you began to relax and feel more comfortable about the situation. As the days turned into weeks which turned into months, you began to treat your BMW like any other car. When it came time for an oil change or general maintenance, you might have assumed that bringing it to a dealership service center was the right thing to do.

Below are a few common misconceptions that many car buyers have about their dealership service center and why you may actually get better service from an independent auto repair center.

1. It is necessary to get your warrantied service at the dealership.

While you can get warranty work done on your BMW at any authorized service center throughout Toronto, that doesn’t mean that these other service centers will be able to provide free oil changes or other maintenance that the dealership may provide.

However, when it comes to the warranty on your car, that comes from the manufacturer and not the dealer and will be honored almost wherever you take it.

2. The dealership service center is more qualified to work on your particular car.

In reality, many of the technicians that work at dealership service centers are young men and women who are gaining experience working on vehicles. If you want to get the best service men and women working on your car, you will be more likely to find that at an independent auto service center.

3. Your dealership service center cares more about your brand new car than an independent service center.

This is one of the more common misconceptions that people have. In truth, your dealership cares about you because of the potential that you will buy another new car and a couple of years. Aside from that, you are just a number.

When you choose an independent and authorized BMW service center, you are going to be treated with dignity and respect. That is because these technicians truly care about you and your vehicle. If you want to discover the true difference between an independent service center and your dealership’s service center, contact Bimmex today.

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