Common Mistakes BMW Owners Make When Changing Their Own Brakes

do it yourself brakesIt’s certainly tempting to want to do work on your BMW yourself, especially if you have some prior experience working on other cars.

When it comes to changing the brakes or doing any kind of brake work on a BMW, unless you have prior experience working on BMWs, it’s absolutely essential that you bring it to an authorized service center instead. Here are some of the most common mistakes other BMW owners have made when changing their own brake pads.

Common Mistake #1: Failing to clean the caliper.

The brake caliper is the component that squeezes the brake pads down onto the disk or presses the brake pads out onto the drum. While the brake caliper doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced when the pads do, they certainly should be cleaned thoroughly. If they are not cleaned, the brake dust that has worked around the seal or even into the cylinder can cause major problems in the future.

Common Mistake #2: Not replacing the caliper pins.

It’s easy to simply use the old caliper pins when putting everything back together, but it’s recommended to replace them. There’s a good reason for this; old caliper pins can have certain flaws in them and may not seat properly.

Common Mistake #3: Failing to check the wheel bearings.

When you replace the brake pads you should check the wheel bearings. That’s because you’ll have the caliper off, the brake pads off, and be able to remove the disk or drums to get to those bearings. This is a good time to either replace the bearings or repack them with grease if they are still in good condition.

Not doing this can be a powerful missed opportunity. The best thing anyone can do is to bring their BMW into an authorized service center like Bimmex to have the brake pads inspected and/or replaced.


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