When You Should Consider Changing Out those Winter Tires on Your BMW

when should you change to your snow tiresEven though we’re still in the full swing of winter, you might be thinking about the warmer spring weather to come. You get a couple of nice, sunny days here in Toronto and you may leave your winter coat at home, stand in the driveway and bask in the sun, feeling the warmth pour over you like a fine mist, but don’t be fooled. Winter is not done with us yet.

If you’ve been considering changing out your winter tires on your BMW, think again. In the event that we get a March or even early April winter storm, it can create slick and dangerous conditions very quickly.

Even though we may be going through a period of time where not a lot of snow has fallen, such as a couple of weeks, that doesn’t mean it’s time to seriously consider changing out those winter tires.

Yes, they may be getting more wear at the moment because you’re driving on dry pavement, but those tires were put on your BMW for security and safety during difficult winter driving conditions. Those are still very likely to happen throughout March and into April.

The best time to consider replacing or changing out your winter tires on your BMW would be no earlier than April. Mid-April is the ideal time to begin switching out to your spring and summer driving tires. While there may still be an occasional sleet, freezing rain, or even the rare snow event during the latter half of April, the road conditions will have warmed up to the point where they may not be as slick in those conditions.

If you have any specific questions about your BMW, your winter tires, or anything else, contact Bimmex to get all of the best information that pertains to your BMW. Bimmex is an authorized and experienced BMW service center and their interest is in helping BMW owners make the best decisions for their car and safety on the roads.

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