When Should You Consider Replacing Winter Tires for Spring?

handling strategies in winterIt’s easy to get excited about the warmer weather. You can’t wait to open the windows, put the top down, and cruise around the Greater Toronto Area. While you may be excited for winter to be coming to an end, don’t get overly excited and make a mistake, especially when it comes to your winter snow tires.

When should you consider replacing these tires?

You might be anticipating a warmer spring season coming in a bit earlier, and that may very well happen, but what is going to transpire if you replace your snow tires with all season tires, or summer driving tires, a bit too early?

If you have to drive, it can become treacherous.

Keep in mind that if you still have a need to drive every day, which most of us do, it may be better to wait until the tail end of April before replacing your winter snow tires.

If you replace them at the end of March or the beginning of April, the Toronto area is commonly known to experience some significant snow events. It may not just be snow that causes the issue, but sleet and even freezing rain.

Will this wear out your winter tires faster?

You will experience more wear and tear on those winter tires and slightly reduced fuel efficiency for your BMW, but what happens if you are at work when the snow begins to fall once more? It could become extremely difficult for you to get through the roads and get home safely.

You have to weigh safety with the benefits of protecting those winter tires for next season. When you replace your winter tires, which is highly recommended, make sure you store them in a cool, damp location. Then they will be ready for the next winter season. Yes, we know you’re not looking forward to that already, unless you’re a penguin.


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