When You Should Consider Replacing Your Winter Tires

handling strategies in winterWinter tires are different than all season or summer driving tires. If you have winter tires on your BMW right now, that’s a great asset that helps to maximize traction, control, and stopping power during winter weather.

For those who have a great deal of experience driving during the winter, they can tell right away just how much of a difference quality winter tires can make during a snowstorm or other weather events. With deep tread, jagged tread, and other factors, these tires help your car maintain traction, even when cutting through an inch or more of snow.

While we’re still in the middle of winter, some BMW and other car owners begin planning to have their winter tires swapped out for their all season or summer driving tires. If you make that decision in March, for example, you could find yourself in a treacherous situation in April and, in some cases, as late into the season as May.

So when is the best time to consider replacing your winter tires?

You don’t want to continue driving around on your winter tires when the weather turns warm and there is no more snow in the forecast. That will only create more traction problems and it will also begin to wear the tread down a lot more quickly, reducing the longevity of the winter tires.

You should wait until at least April to schedule your BMW to have those tires swapped out with all season or summer driving tires. You can certainly check the long-range forecasts and determine whether there is a significant risk of more major winter weather ahead, but meteorology is not an exact science and those who have lived in the Greater Toronto Area for many years understand the winter driving season can extend well into April.

Mid-April is generally a good time to begin considering replacing those winter tires. Even if we don’t get any more snow through March and April, the air temperature will remain cool enough so that any wear and tear on those winter tires will be minimized.

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