We have closed our BIMMEX Woodbridge location. Our new location in Bennett Springs, FL will be opening soon!

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As the COVID-19 virus is hitting closer to home, we are reaching out to you with measures taken by our team to keep your health and safety our top priority.

BIMMEX will remain open as we have a duty to our community to ensure those who must travel to do so safely.

BIMMEX is taking precautions regarding ensure safe interaction between yourself & our staff.

We are currently open for business, but we urge you to make appointments in advance online or by phone. We also recommend you drop off your vehicle for service the night before. Estimates will be available via email and phone call. This precaution ensures your safety as well as the safety of our staff members.

We are aiming to keep waiting area is temporarily closed to the best of our abilities. Leaving your vehicle is strongly encouraged. In extreme cases, if you are unable to leave your vehicle, and you need to stay in our waiting room, please come equipped with a mask and gloves. However, we strongly urge you to leave your vehicle while we are servicing it instead.

Additionally, in hopes of easing the financial implications of the COVID-19, we will be extending our March Madness discount rates.

Other measures being taken by our staff are the following

  • Any employee who feels sick will remain home.
  • We will clean our counters and vehicle keys at least once a day, using antimicrobial wipes or spray
  • All staff will be required to wear disposable gloves (latex/nitrile) when physically interacting with your vehicle and will put on a new pair of gloves before working on the next vehicle.

We all have a responsibility to stop the spread of infection. Thus, we urge you to follow these steps to keep our community safe:

  • If you are feeling unwell, please remain home and speak to your primary healthcare provider
  • If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is experiencing COVID19 symptoms, we recommend you self-isolate yourself. The current recommended time period for self-isolation is 14 days.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands for a period of 20 seconds each time
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, please use a tissue or your elbow

Together, we can keep infection rates at a minimum and protect the members and loved ones in our community.

Best Regards,


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