Custom BMW Rims for the Toronto Driver

bmw winter tiresThe moment that you purchase your new BMW, you’re likely going to be looking for ways to make it yours, with your own personality coming through. It doesn’t matter whether the car is new or used, when it’s new to you then you are going to be excited about getting to work and making it your own.

One of the things that is common for BMW owners is to have custom rims installed. The rims are similar to the frame around a great work of art, or shutters around the windows of a house. They enhance the beauty around them, but they are not intended to draw attention to them.

Custom rims for your BMW can cost several hundred dollars each and even more, depending on the type of rims, their style, the manufacturer, and many other factors. Of course, the type of rims that you choose will certainly be up to you, but you should consider a few things before making your decision.

Changing the size of the rim

If you decide to change the size of the rim, you’re going to need brand new tires as well. If the wheel well housing will support the new rim size, then you can do this. You will also need to have the speedometer adjusted, as well as the odometer. The speedometer calculates your speed by counting the revolutions of your tire per second or minute. When you install larger rims, the speedometer will show that you’re going slower than you actually are.

If you install smaller rims, it will show that you’re going faster than you actually are. Too often drivers neglect to adjust the speedometer to account for these changes.


You may also need to adjust the suspension of your BMW to accommodate those new rims. Different size rims will pitch the vehicle at a different angle. This can cause the suspension to be too loose, or more dangerous, depending on the conditions.

Transmission/Drive train

You also want to make sure that the transmission and drive system on your BMW can handle the different size rims that you’ve installed on your vehicle.

Any changes that you make to your BMW rims could impact other components and functions. If you want to remain safe on the road and protect your BMW, be sure to address these issues or bring it to an authorized BMW repair facility to assist you. With those new rims, you’ll be out enjoying the road in no time.

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