Damaged or Lost Keys for Your BMW? What to Do

Damaged or Lost Keys for Your BMW? What to DoThere may be times when you lose the keys to your BMW. Today’s keys often have some type of electronics built into them, either for remote starting, keyless entry, and other features.

The average key for some BMWs can cost several hundred dollars. Not only can the cost of replacing those lost or damaged keys be a problem, it could also make it difficult to get back into your car.

When you notice your keys have been damaged, you should still be able to get into your BMW by using the key itself. Your driver’s door will have a keyhole to slip the key into, just like a regular lock. It will still likely operate the ignition as well, unless it is a completely different system on your particular BMW.

Contact your BMW dealer or an authorized BMW service center and inform them of the situation. The damage to the key may be relatively minor, and it may be only a battery that needs to be replaced. If it is going to require complete replacement, they will need the vehicle’s VIN number, your information, and proof of ownership before they can deliver a new key. Most keys are programmable, so the authorized service center will be able to get that done for you relatively quickly.

If you have a keyless entry system on your BMW and no keyhole on the door, you may still be able to gain access to your car through remote accessing. Contact BMW directly and inform them of the situation. If they are unable to help you get into your car, make sure you know where the second, backup key is and either go retrieve it or get somebody to bring it to you. If that is still not possible, contact an authorized BMW service center to find out about replacing your lost or damaged keys or keyless entry devices.

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