Dealer or Specialty Shop: Which is Better for BMW Car Service?

oil serviceTrying to decide between bringing your BMW to the dealer or a specialty auto shop for repairs or maintenance is something that concerns a lot of owners. Having a BMW is a matter of pride for many drivers. You want the best service and the most experienced technicians working on your car.

Many dealerships for all car manufacturers began to focus on having their own repair specialists on hand decades ago when they realized they could earn a lot more money through general maintenance and other services that the manufacturer covers under warranty.

Whether your car is under warranty or you’ll be fully responsible for the costs of these repairs or services, you deserve to have the best quality work.

Dealer Specialists

Dealerships are in business to maximize revenue. As a result you’ll typically find that you pay more for a service at a dealership than a specialty repair shop.

Also, dealerships are typically larger establishments which means it’s more likely that your BMW will be worked on by different technicians each time. Like anything, the quality of the repairs depends on the quality of the technicians.

Specialty Auto Repair Shops

When you bring your BMW to an authorized specialty shop (not your dealer), you’re going to receive a more personal level of care. You’ll also be met with auto technicians who have a true passion for BMWs and who have confronted just about every issue that may arise with these driving machines.

As smaller businesses, you will generally receive more personalized care from them and you will also tend to save money on the repairs that may be needed.

If you feel more comfortable taking your new BMW to the dealer for the Inspection I or II, or other general service, it’s understandable. You’ll certainly be treated well enough.

But if you’re looking for someone who develops a relationship with your car and gets to know it well over time, consider a specialty auto shop like Bimmex.

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