Detailing Tips for the Enthusiastic BMW Owner

Detailing Tips for the Enthusiastic BMW OwnerKeeping a BMW looking in its best condition possible requires regular care. The most common things people do to take care of their cars is washing them. Washing protects the exterior part of the car, making it look like a new finish for many years.

Detailing is important because it focuses on the commonly overlooked areas of the vehicle, especially if it gets a significant amount of use on a regular basis.

Below are a few tips for the enthusiastic BMW owner that can make a world of difference in keeping their car looking like new.

Pay attention to cupholders. These are considered the dirtiest spots in any car. One of the most effective ways to clean cupholders that can’t be removed is to place an old sock into the base of it, spray window cleaner in it, and twist. Use a small wooden stick or barbecue skewer to get along the crevice.

Blast away dirt. When looking along the floor, to the sides of the seats, and other hard-to-reach areas, not even the smallest vacuum crevice attachment seems to be able to reach into these areas. If that’s the case, take a shop vac, move the hose from the intake to the outlet, and then blast the debris away from these areas. Do this first so you’re not vacuuming your entire car a second time.

Clean all surfaces. You can use an ammonia free glass cleaner to clean up most plastic surfaces. You may also want to consider a protectant, such as Armor All.

Avoid washing the car in direct sunlight. This may seem impractical, especially if your driveway doesn’t have any shade, but the minute you wash your vehicle the sun is going to be drying the water from it before you can even wipe it down. That will cause spots to appear on the finish.

Use a clay bar. Once you’ve completely washed and dried the car with a shamwash cloth, use a clay bar on the body panels to get out any leftover dirt. These clay bars can also be highly effective at getting windows incredibly clean.


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