Detailing Tips That Keep Your BMW Looking Sharp

Guy with a bucket and a spongeYou spent a fair amount of money on your BMW. You want to keep it looking it’s best for as long as possible. In the beginning, most new car buyers (and used car buyers, for which the vehicle is new to them) spend an inordinate amount of time keeping their car clean, whether it’s involving vacuuming, washing it, buffing it, and so much more.

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to detail your BMW, with you bringing it to a car wash center or doing it yourself. It’s highly recommended that you spend at least one or two times a year going over your own vehicle, detailing it from top to bottom. That’s how you pay closer attention to the finer details that matter with regard to general maintenance and upkeep.

Below are a few detailing tips that will help you keep your BMW looking sharp, whether it’s brand new, 10 years old, or even older.

Detailing Tip #1: Wipe down the dashboard first.

Before washing the outside of the vehicle, or vacuuming inside, wipe down the dashboard. You can use special cloths with a cleaning solution built into them or a terrycloth towel dampened with plain warm water.

By doing this, you’re removing as much dust as you can and reducing the chances it’s going to get blown all over the place, just to settle down once more on the dashboard when you’re all finished.

Detailing Tip #2: Use Q-tips.

Q-tips are an invaluable asset when detailing an automobile. Use these for the nooks and crannies and crevices all along the dashboard, the console, and around the seats. Wherever there’s a switch, a Q-tip is a great asset to have on you.

Detailing Tip #3: Pay attention to your wheels.

When you wash the vehicle, make sure to spend a few minutes scrubbing down each wheel rim. Whether they are alloy or some other material, no matter what kind of design, brake dust is going to build up on them. You want to clean them as thoroughly as possible.

Detailing Tip #4: Use a proper wax.

When you wax and polish your vehicle, use the right one for the finish. If you don’t know what that would be, contact your dealer to find out.

When you detail your vehicle, you pay closer attention to it and that will help you properly maintain it through the years to come.

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